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The year is 2022 and…

Travel blogs blow. Punto.

I should know, as I use to run one. For years. Making pennies on the dollar.

The issue is:

There’s no good travel into left on the Internet. Forums are dead. Travel blogs are SEO mills focus on helping fat white women find “authentics cuisine in [insert country name]” and shit. And anyone with half a brain ain’t sharing their secret spots for free no' more.

Ain’t no good travel intel online for the strapping young buck looking to live like a king abroad. Especially in LatAm. Which brings us to the:

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Where I will be breaking down Latin America for men looking to:

  • Live like kings in LatAm

  • Build a life of adventure

  • Get permanent residencies and second passports

  • Learn languages

  • Grow businesses online

  • Date and mate

  • Stay yacked and tan

I will talk about nothing else. Fuck all. So if the topics above is not of interest to you, hasta la vista.

If is of interest to you, stick around then. You won’t find this type of information anywhere else on the Internet.

Te lo juro.

What to Expect?

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Content will cover all things Latin America, including crazy travel tales, city guides, country breakdowns, and safety information.

These posts are tailor-made to show you how live truly is in Latin America and keep you safe — all while having the time of your life.

When you’re ready to make the jump and truly live a life of adventure in LatAm…

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This is my best, most valuable information I’ve amassed since traveling and living in Latin America since 2014.

Nobody else on the Internet has this type of information. This is underground, detailed information that ensures you live your absolute best life in LatAm.

If you’re serious about going where you’ll be treated best in LatAm, you’ll want to become a paid subscriber.

P.S: Of course, you’ll also receive all free posts too.

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I’ve had men ask me about where to go, if the Airbnb apartment they’re about to book is good, if women like men of “insert race here” in a certain city, and how safety is in specific neighborhoods they’re curious about.

I will answer anything for you about LatAm here.

You will also receive review copies of all my PDF info products coming out, these products include:

  • Hidden Gems - 30+ city guides from some of the best off-the-beaten-path cities in the region.

  • Traveling with Crypto - An in-depth guide showing you how to move around safely and securely with crypto in Latin America.

  • The LatAm Escape Plan - A beginner’s guide to “flag theory” in LatAm and how to plant flags in cities you’ll love spending time in.

While this is the most expensive option, the value you’ll receive here will be out-of-this-world.

I will personally make sure all Founding Members have an incredible time in Latin America.


Jake Nomada

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Living a life of adventure.
I'm an expat and a bit of a digital nomad, but my main base is Bogotá, Colombia. I have been living there on and off for 18 years no. I work in aviation, and also as a musician, translator, and, of course, as a writer.
Inspired by @BowTiedBull - Cartoon helping you plant flags around the globe. Relocation, offshoring, second citizenships, and perpetual traveling. Reach out to me on Twitter @bowtiedglobe for planning and execution.